Change is a necessity and is the only constant of life. Change is nature’s way of moving us out of our comfort zone. The one percentile of lawyers – the movers and shakers of the world – not only do they embrace change, but they also seek it. They know that being complacent is the worst enemy.

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A Lawyer’s Way of Living Through Fear

Fear is a constant. It is a mental construct. “False evidence appearing real”. Fear is a mental polarity to confidence. There are endless theories on the topic of fear. The intention is to bring valuable insight and acceptance towards fear in the life of a legal professional. Fear can be the thought

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Handling Emotions

To handle emotions, one hand to be emotionally intelligent. Being emotionally intelligent is a lifetime of practice. It is a learnable skill and highly rewarding. Being emotionally aware is a great asset for a lawyer. It builds the ability to understand and manage emotions in positive ways

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The Comfort Zone

Few principles of life add value to the growth in every profession and every aspect of life. They impact how one thinks, speaks, and the choices they make in their legal careers. One of the principles worth contemplating is – the comfort zone. It is more of an attitude

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Overcoming Adversity

Adversity comes from the most unexpected ways. Yet, adversities are invariably the propeller of success. People often misconstrue adversity as an adversary, a burden that has no reason to be. They feel it has to be fought and conquered. However, we can think of adversity

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Setting Personal Standards

The best way of defining a person is by his actions and values. Understanding and knowing what you stand for is a step towards defining who you are. The legal profession is a job description. A lawyer’s value system defines his career. Below are some of the values one may choose to imbibe

Adapt, Adjust and Accommodate

Adapt, Adjust & Accommodate is a behavioural response to CHANGE. A Short story: A young man complained to his mother about his life is being filled with problems. He did not know how he was going to solve them. He was tired of trying to solve, fighting, and struggling each day

Goal Setting for Lawyers

Goal setting is the process that stimulates, inspires, and builds a clear vision. “What do you want to achieve?” is a broad and open-ended question. It should evaluate what to achieve when to achieve and be backed by an intention to take action. Being a lawyer, some of the goals could be the number

Effective Communication for Lawyers

A good communicator can convey his message with such clarity that his words and his intentions are in sync at all times. And the person being communicated to can understand the meaning of the conversation with the exact intended meaning. This is called effective communication

Effect of Pandemic on Legal Profession

The effect of Covid-19 has touched every aspect of human lives. We examine the facet of its impact on the legal profession, professionals & legal firms. The pros and cons exist for any business, and we focus majorly on challenges, changes, and opportunities for growth

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