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A Lawyer’s Way of Living Through Fear

Fear is a constant. It is a mental construct. “False evidence appearing real.”

Fear is a mental polarity to confidence. There are endless theories on the topic of fear. The intention is to bring valuable insight and acceptance towards fear in the life of a legal professional. 

Fear can be the thought of losing a case, losing a client, losing the job in a legal firm, losing your family time due to long hours at work, lack of skills needed to handle a particular case, and countless other details.

“We are practicing to live through them, by making fear a way of life.”

We are presenting a way of life to enable one to live through the fear:

  1. Acceptance
    Accept that you are fearful. To accept is the most powerful way to neutralize the effect of fear on the mind. Fear becomes an ally. The same power that was creating numbness to the mind will start empowering the mind. You are not required to take any immediate action. Just stay with acceptance. Merely acknowledging that you are fearful brings awareness. And awareness brings the situation back to your control and seeks your attention. Acceptance is a state of non-judgmental awareness of the moment.
  1. Plan your day 
    Living through the day intentionally, in alignment with your goals and dreams, creates confidence. You will be able to take ideal actions. One can manage time efficiently. Successful lawyers are confident and clear in their intentions.
  1. Be Honest
    There is no substitute for living by the truth and values. Guilt, resentment, regret are the fuel to fear. These feelings exist unconsciously in the mind. Honesty builds trust, respect, and self-esteem. Fear loses its negative effect through honest living.
  1. Choosing to be vulnerable
    Fear of failure is the most common form of fear. Once you accept being vulnerable in any situation, you will not worry about what others think or what happens next. The same fear starts to energize you.
  1. A good exercise regime & diet
    When fear floods the mind, it reflects on the feeling sensations in the body. It becomes the evidence of the falsehood in itself. Strength in the body and mind neutralizes the effects of fear. Through healthy living, one can notice fear but will not feel it.
  1. Preparation challenges fear
    Preparation brings confidence and mentally creates a possibility of the desired outcome. Invest time in preparing.
  1. Be grateful
    A daily dose of gratitude is the quickest way of seeing things as they are. Gratitude helps a lawyer make ethical judgments and builds on his character. It reflects on the overall personality of the individual and affects everyone around him or her positively. 
  1. Choose your circle of influence judiciously
    The people you interact with every day have a profound effect on how you think and act. Choose a good alliance of friends and peers. Be among people whom you choose to be and become.

We are representing fear as a potential force rather than labelling it as a challenge. Fear brings sanity to judgment and decisions. A successful lawyer is a professional who takes action, based on what is right, despite being fearful. Fear for them is an ally. Live Through Fears!