Naz Schinder

Naz Schinder is currently the Founder and CEO of the Schinder Law Firm and her non-profit, Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center (BIAMC). In her roles, she advises on a broad scope of projects within the Indonesian infrastructure and energy fields. Naz Schinder has a wealth of experience in the law field. She has had great success advising on complex legal matters in both litigation lawsuits and corporate law matters. She is a fearless and inspirational leader and a powerful logical thinker.

Leadership for Lawyers

When it comes to leadership for lawyers it’s no different. In the legal profession, some may have the leadership thought imbibed in their being while some may not. But leadership is a thought that can be learned over time, nevertheless…

Effective Communication for Lawyers

A good communicator can convey his message with such clarity that his words and his intentions are in sync at all times. And the person

Effect of Pandemic on Legal Profession

The effect of Covid-19 has touched every aspect of human lives. We examine the facet of its impact on the legal profession, professionals & legal

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