Effect of Pandemic on Legal Profession

The effect of Covid-19 has touched every aspect of human lives. We examine the facet of its impact on the legal profession, professionals & legal firms. The pros and cons exist for any business, and we focus majorly on challenges, changes, and opportunities for growth within the framework of the three aspects as covered below:

Effect on the Legal System
The term system means a standardized procedure in place. During these times, most of the standards of operation had to reset. Virtual courtrooms are in a place where clients have to depose virtually. In effect, the entire judiciary has taken upon a technological up-gradation of their work. Since legal cases function with a sense of urgency, all the tweaks in functionality have to make in a short time with a speed unparalleled in recent times.

Effect on Legal Professionals
These are good times for both legal professionals as well as law firms. During the time of challenges, we need to accept that every challenge creates an opportunity too. Legal professionals can serve their clients in a much better advisory role than what it has been before. 

In times of changing business methodologies, bankruptcies, cost adjustments, delays, and uncertain circumstances, the lawyers can be more innovative to help their growth trajectory on a high note. 

Through the challenges of lockdowns, delays, and uncertainties, businesses are looking for legal advisors. They need lawyers who can help them set up their businesses or advise them to run the existing business. The most innovative lawyers-WIN!

Effect on Law Firms
One of the biggest challenges to business organizations is the culture of work from home. It is the tweak in the working conditions of its employees around the world. There are laws in places such as labor laws and human resources, and there is no clarity on what basis a legal issue be resolved in the court of law and in whose favor. No guidelines are issued yet. 

Law firms have a good task at hand. It is a growth time for many. Mainly, business firms have a vast demand for a law firm that gives clarity and confidence. These are good times to re-strategize the nature and direction of the law firms to whom they serve.

What is the way forward
Summing up, while the future process of judicial trials is yet to ascertain, it is a fact that many noteworthy changes would happen. Court proceedings have gone virtual. Many new pilot runs are taking place. Without drawing any hard conclusions, we can safely say that this is the beginning of a wave of new processes in the entire judicial system.