Networking for Legal Profession

Networking is the art of every successful lawyer irrespective of geographical boundaries. The power of networking takes the career of a lawyer a long way. The most important attribute for this is building relationships. And at a much deeper level, this attribute is built on the fundamental premise of being genuinely interested in people. The success of a lawyer and a law firm generally depends on the art of networking.

Though things seem to be running virtually at present, there cannot be a substitute for a personal rapport, trust, and paying attention. It is necessary for building lasting relationships.

The number of cases dealt by a lawyer and the number of clients they retain shows the quality and the quantity of their work. It is not affected by the number of years of experience that they have.

How to Network?
Networking produces long term business. Relationships established on trust and friendship keep expanding the business. Financial compensation follows this by default.

If you spend time with a successful lawyer, they would always share stories of people they interact with rather than the cases they have dealt in. Actually, at present, they are networking with you too.

While interacting with people, showing interest in them is the focus along-with what contribution to make. The value of sharing is the key.

For young lawyers who have just started their career, the firm they work with determines the value system they get. Even if otherwise, nothing is stopping them from building on this attribute. The association with a successful senior lawyer can help a lot in learning to network. One has to seek to get it. Never lose an opportunity to learn by practice. Taking constant guidance and starting at once is the key.

Where to Network?
One can find opportunities to network at gatherings such as the few mentioned below:

  • Alumni associations of school & college
  • Bar association meetings
  • Business seminars
  • Management events
  • Community gatherings 

Values of Networking 
One of the basic premises of networking is that no one comes into our lives sans reason. Every individual comes with some positives and seemingly negative traits. One needs to focus only on the positives and build rapport on that. Some of the ways to do that:

  • Compliment others genuinely
  • Firm handshake
  • Taking the initiative to introduce oneself
  • Send an e-mail the next day to establish the connection
  • Smile
  • Listen more & talk less
  • Never wait for people to come to you

Relationships become one’s wealth in the legal profession. Though it takes time, investment in relationships is the surest path to success in the legal domain. Apart from relationships, other skills also need constant up-gradation. Once the focus is on helping people, the satisfaction is mutual. It builds lasting friendships. Financial rewards are a by-product and worthy and in plenty.

Go out and build your network. Build your network online. Your growth depends on your network.