Change is a necessity and is the only constant of life.
Change is nature’s way of moving us out of our comfort zone. The one percentile of lawyers – the movers and shakers of the world – not only do they embrace change, but they also seek it. They know that being complacent is the worst enemy.

Below true story illustrates that if we do not change fast enough, we will end up on a burning platform. In the year 1988, an explosion occurred on the Piper Alpha oil-drilling platform in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. A total of 166 crew members and two rescuers lost their lives in what was and still is the worst catastrophe in the fifty-year history of North Sea oil exploration. One of the 63 surviving crew members was Andy Mochan, a superintendent on the rig. Describing his experience at the hospital, he recalled being awakened by the explosion and alarms. Badly injured, he escaped from the quarters to the platform edge. Beneath him, oil had surfaced and ignited. Because of the freezing temperature of the water, he knew that he could survive a maximum of 20 minutes if he jumped in. Andy jumped 15 stories from the burning platform into the icy waters of the ocean below. Fortunately, he was rescued. Later, when asked why he took that potentially fatal leap, he did not hesitate. He said, “It was either jump or fry.” Andy jumped because he felt he had no choice- the price of staying on the burning platform was too high.

  • Two minutes from the Abyss, Vijay Eswaran

Under ordinary circumstances, he would never have dared to plunge into the icy waters from so high. The burning platform had caused a radical change in his behavior.

We all need a burning platform. Sometimes life gives it to us, and that becomes a turning point.

Speak to successful lawyers, and they will share their story of a burning platform in their lives that they had overcome and changed their lives. This ultimately led to success for them.

Change is painful. It removes the comfort zone. And it is this that one needs to sacrifice for the greater good. That is the risk not many would be willing to take. And without the element of risk, there is no change. Fear then overtakes life and rots the soul.

The Stages of Change:

Denial is the non-acceptance of the current circumstance. Though the situation is painful, one waits. Waiting is the fastest way to move backward.

By this time, the pain is excruciating that one comes to terms that he can no longer bear it. He understands that this is the situation he does not want to experience anymore.

Acceptance is the point where one is willing to let go and embrace change. The ego surrenders and the mind is open to new ideas.

The action is spontaneous at this stage. One embraces change willingly and effortlessly.

Valuable notes
Nature shows us that change is painful and yet rewarding. A caterpillar’s journey to becoming a butterfly is the best example of all times. Embrace change.