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Ownership is a mindset. It is part of the characteristic of a good leader.

Ownership pertains to any profession. It is a way of life and reflects in the overall actions taken by an individual.

A law firm with a culture of accountability, where lawyers can make decisions and are encouraged to take ownership, is a powerful characteristic of a conducive work environment for success.

In this article, we will share the aspects where a lawyer can exhibit his or her ownership.

Ownership mindset means being accountable to the quality and success of the desired outcome.

Below are the characteristics exhibited by a lawyer with ownership thinking:

  • Takes Initiative
    Have you seen a person who takes the lead to complete a task without been asked to do it?. He is a person who took the initiative.
    Being initiative makes a person act without being told or assigned. They create opportunities by themselves to exhibit their knowledge and skills.
  • Contributes Without Expectation
    Ownership thinking personalities contribute to the desired outcome without giving a thought for their gain. Their focus is on the completion of the task with efficiency. For ownership mindset personalities, work is not the means to the end. Exhibiting their talents is what drives them.
  • Sharing of Knowledge and Skills
    They share their wealth of knowledge without any prejudice. The mindset is to bring out the best outcome for the client. They do not engage in calculating the value of their contribution compared with others. They have enormous trust in the leadership that they know their work is valued.
  • Expresses Accountability
    They are transparent with the efficiency of the work done. And share the progress with colleagues and senior partners. This attitude creates a scope for more ideas from everybody in the group.
  • Trustworthy
    Over the years, ownership thinking personalities would become trustworthy. They are more likely to be given roles of higher responsibilities.
    In every walk of life, trust wins over people. Ownership enables a person to be humble and collaborate effectively with people.

For young lawyers who have started their careers, the above characteristics can make their careers be on a fast track. They can begin their work as below:

  1. Be in association with a successful senior lawyer. Exhibit your willingness to learn and practice and contribute to their work.
  2. Take the initiative to organize any events in your law firm.
  3. Seek opportunities to involve yourself in legal cases where you can contribute though they are not assigned for you.
  4. Network and interact with prospective clients to bring them to your law firm.
  5. Specialize in a specific domain and practice to be an expert.

Ownership is a learnable mindset. Your association defines who you become. Over time, this thought process makes you invaluable to your life.