The Urgency of Personal Data Protection

The suspected data leaks from Social Health Insurance Administration Body (BPJS) and the Indonesia Health Alert Card (eHAC) demonstrates the urgent need to provide increased protection for citizens' personal data. But, in reality, the discussion of the Bill on Personal Data Protection has reached a dead end. The reason is that parliament and the government both hold different opinions about the concept of an institution that will protect people's personal data. The government wants this institution to be under the Ministry of Communication and Information as the executive power branch. Meanwhile, parliament wants the institution to be independent and report directly to the President.

Malaysian Tertiary Level Students and Their Understanding, Knowledge, and Perception of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, being an emerging and enabling technology, can be utilised to exploit burgeoning opportunities in all aspects. Almost every kind of material with any feature can theoretically be developed using nanoscale technology and that is why countries around the world have been working relentlessly to exploit this.

Coal Export Suspension

On August 7, 2021, the Director General of Mineral and Coal (Dirjen Minerba) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) sent a letter T-370/MB.05/DJB.B/2021 regarding "Prohibition of Coal Sales Overseas " to the Director General of Foreign Trade, the Director General of Customs and Excise, and the Director General of Sea Transportation, stating that there are 34 coal supply companies that have not fulfilled their coal supply obligations in accordance with the sales contract with PT PLN (Persero) and/or PT PLN Batubara from the ...

Evaluating ASEAN E-commerce Laws Using Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making

An evaluation of the ASEAN Electronic Commerce Acts (ECAs) is a specific primary step toward their harmonization. This evaluation is complex due to multiple criteria and uncertain information, especially in the case of electronic contracts. This study aims to evaluate and rank the ECAs of the ASEAN countries using a fuzzy multi-criteria decision making method. Seven criteria are determined for the evaluation of ASEAN ECAs.

New OSS Platform: Online Single Submission Risk-Based Approach (OSS-RBA)

The Government has officially launched a new version of OSS under the name Online Single Submission Risk-Based Approach (OSS-RBA) with Government Regulation Number 5 of 2021. Pursuant to Government Regulation No 5 of 2021 regarding the Operation of Risk-Based Business Licenses or Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 5 Tahun 2021 Tentang Penyelenggaraan Perizinan Berusaha Berbasis Risiko ("GR No. 5/2021")

Compliance With Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 by Banking and Financial Institutions, a Legal Survey on Privacy Policies

The sensitivity and value of personal information, especially financial data concerning the increasing threats, particularly in the online domain, make it urgent to assess how far financial companies are serious about respecting and protecting individuals information privacy.

Payment Service Provider in Indonesia

The latest BI regulations classify payment system service providers into two sectors, namely payment service providers or Penyedia Jasa Pembayaran (PJP) and payment system infrastructure operators or Penyelenggaraan Infrastruktur Sistem Pembayaran (PIP). PJP carries out activities to provide information on sources of funds, payment initiation or acquiring services, administration of sources of funds and remittance services, while PIP carries out clearing and final settlement.

Nanotechnology Within the Legal and Regulatory Framework: An Introductory Overview

Nanotechnology, often referred to as the next industrial revolution after the internet, is an interdisciplinary study and the wave of the future. It is the science of manipulating technology at an atomic and molecular scale and is no longer an issue for scientists only. It has limitless potential and can be used in most areas of human need.

Understanding, Knowledge and Perception of Nanotechnology among Private Universities Students in Malaysia

Modern day policy making demands to include citizens in the decision making process and this is crucial before the introduction of any emerging technology such as nanotechnology, the science and art of manipulating things at the atomic scale. Even though there is no comprehensive governing regulation, there are already more than 1600 consumer...

Gas in the City, Gas Network

The supply of gas in Indonesia is quite abundant, but unfortunately, has not been used optimally domestically. To meet domestic gas needs, especially for household needs, more is supplied from imports of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). In fact, gas is delivered to household customers through pipes known as the city gas network or a natural gas network for households ("Jargas"), which is much cheaper than the price of LPG. The main objective of the Jargas is to make people's lives easier, along with lowering LPG imports and saving on foreign exchange at a macro level.

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