Establishing a Power Station Operation and Maintenance ("O&M") Service Business in Indonesia

To conduct O&M Service for Power Station business, the company should obtain an Electric Power Supporting Services Business License (Izin Usaha Jasa Penunjang Tenaga Listrik - IUJPTL). The requirement by law in Indonesia to get the IUJPTL is regulated under Article 31 paragraph 1 letter (d) and (e) of Government Regulation in Indonesia Number 25 of 2021 regarding the Implementation of Energy and Mineral Resources ("PP 25/2021").

Mining Licenses Revocation in the First Semester of 2022 in Indonesia

President Joko Widodo announced the revocation of 2.078 mineral and coal Mining Business Permits (Izin Usaha Pertambangan/IUP) because the IUP holders never submitted their work plans (Rencana Kerja dan Anggaran Biaya/RKAB) even though the permits had been granted for years. Minister of Investment/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board Bahlil Lahadalia stated that the revocation of IUPs for 2.078 mining companies in Indonesia was carried out starting January 2022, following Presidential Decree No. 1 of 2022

E-Cigarette Manufacture Establishment:5 Key Issues on the establishment of e-cigarette manufacturing in Indonesia you should know

After a small decline in Indonesia's vaping population in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers began to increase again in 2021 with 1.7m vapers reported and a market worth $239m, representing an 8 percent growth from last year. Smoking rates are declining with smokers slowly shifting to vaping, while other alternatives (e.g. heated tobacco) are slowly picking up.

Approval of the Suitability of Space Utilization Activities (PKKPR) as a Pre-Requirements of the Relinquishment Deed in Indonesia

Foreign investment activities are a powerhouse for the country's economy. So, of course, the provisions in the Investment Law and the Indonesian Negative List play an essential role in guiding foreign investors to carry out investment activities in the Republic of Indonesia.

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center (BIAMC) and Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC)

Ms. Naz Schinder, Founding Chair and Chief Executive Officer of BIAMC and Chief Executive Officer of BIAC Mr. Muhammad A. Rumee Ali, signed online a Cooperation Agreement on behalf of their respective organisations on August 31st, 2021..

Gandeng APPDI, FH UPH Persiapkan Mahasiswa Jadi Data Protection Officer Handal

Adanya isu terkait perlindungan data pribadi yang kerap menjadi perbincangan di era digital, menjadikan Data Protection Officer (DPO) sebagai profesi menjanjikan. Hal ini diresponi Fakultas Hukum (FH) Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) melalui kerja sama dengan Asosiasi Profesional Privasi Data Indonesia (APPDI),

How Many Types of Mining Permits that Mining Owners Should Have in Indonesia?

To carry out mining activities in Indonesia, it is necessary to own permits in accordance with the latest government regulations and other applicable Laws in Indonesia. The stages of mining start from general investigation, exploration, feasibility study, construction, mining, processing, and refining, transportation and sales, and post-mining. These stages can be fully or partially carried out by one mining company, it depends on the type of mining permit the company owns.

A Collaboration Established between BIAMC and JIDRC

On August 23rd, 2021, the Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center (BIAMC)'s Founding Chair, Ms. Naz Schinder and the Japan International Dispute Resolution Center (JIDRC)’s President, Mr. Yoshimitsu Aoyama, signed an MoU to strengthen both organizations mainly in the areas of arbitration and mediation on the basis or equality and mutual benefit.

New Rules for Final Income Tax for Construction Services in Indonesia

The Indonesian Government has issued a new rule for Income Tax or Pajak Penghasilan ("PPh") for construction services, namely Government Regulation No. 9 of 2022 concerning the Second Amendment to Government Regulation No. 51 of 2008 concerning Income Tax on Income from Construction Services Business ("GR 9/2022").

ASEAN Space Programs - History and Way Forward

The role of space science and technology in fostering sustainable development has always been cited as the raison d'etre for a country to embark on a space programme. For ASEAN countries, the situation is no different. This book clearly shows that they are embracing this important concept: all ASEAN countries are using space science and technology, at the very minimum for monitoring resources, and,...

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