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Building Trust

Trust forms the essence of every relationship.

Trust brings people together and builds lasting relationships. To grow in any area of life, we need people working together and contributing to each other. Trust enables harmony and cooperation among people.

Being a lawyer means helping people find solutions. Without establishing trust with others, one has to work alone to get things done. The best of solutions come through working as a team.

Building trust and retaining it is a life-long process. So, it is essential to know how to practice and create value through the same.

Below mentioned are ways and means to create and retain trust among people and organizations:

  1. Trust yourself
    Trust begins by trusting oneself. People perceive us the way we perceive ourselves. A confident lawyer who believes in what he says and does and delivers the same is ‘trustworthy’. Trusting yourself begins by being clear on why you do what you do. Once your intentions are clear, match them with your actions.
  2. Keep your wordCommit only that which you can deliver. Do your preparation before a conversation and be clear with yourself on what you intend to convey. There is a thin line between giving a commitment to only please others and being honest with one’s intentions. While the former may retain the client, the latter will win the trust.
  3. Give more in value than what you receive in compensationA legal fee in the form of billable hours is the compensation that a lawyer receives for the services rendered. Contribute value to the client. Make your client know through your intentions and actions that you are here to serve. The legal fee in the form of money will follow anyway. Working for money breaks trust, creating value to the client builds trust.
  4. Communicate effectively, consistentlyCommunication has reached a full circle when both the parties have understood the conversation in the same meaning. Communicating the status of the case, possible outcomes, date of next meeting, other essential, form a part of all prime discussions. Being clear and precise build trust.
  5. Acknowledge other’s viewpoints and contributionsWhen working with a team, always acknowledge their views and contributions. It encourages them to be more and do more. Acknowledge the contributions of others during meetings or in-person makes it easy for people to trust you.
  6. Trust othersWillingly trust others. It builds once you trust yourself. Delegation of work to your team happens once you trust them.
  7. Be honest and admit your mistakes openlyThere is no alternative to truth. A good lawyer owns up when at fault. He is ready to be vulnerable. Owning up a mistake is a strength and is respected by others. 
  8. Develop your team skills
    Help your team to grow along with you. Empower them to contribute by building their skills and strengths. Trust their potential and communicate often.
  9. Show genuine appreciation
    Never shy away from appreciating others. Be very vocal about the good of others. Appreciating others builds one’s respect & people trust them naturally.

In essence, Building Trust is not an action. It is a character of an individual. It should be a part of one’s values. And the strength of character is built by maintaining authentic relationships. You are the beginning point for that.