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Teamwork and collaboration are essential for success in a law firm. Clients tend to trust firms that enable lawyers to work as teams.
Considering the perspectives of many legal practitioners from successful law firms, one may agree that teamwork and collaboration contribute to better outcomes for clients.

The growing complexity in the business environment globally has created the need for lawyers who handle those challenges. Uncertainties have created new opportunities for law firms to serve clients. In this new global economy, clients are looking for law firms that may cater to their needs efficiently.

Specialization is an asset for a lawyer. He or she becomes an asset to the firm in the particular domain of expertise. Likewise, a good law firm is a collective of specialized lawyers in multiple areas of expertise. A client is more likely to choose a law firm that can bring the best advisory and support. The best advisory comes through the collective effort of lawyers.

“Teamwork is the collaboration of ideas, perspectives, and expertise of different individuals contributing to the same goal. 
By Collaborating, a team of lawyers can address issues that one cannot handle individually.”

Below are the attributes of a Team Player for great Teamwork:

  • Knowledge and Expertise
    Good knowledge and expertise in the domain is the core requirement of contributing to the team. Updating the knowledge and being up to date with the information needed is a responsible action.
  • Service above self
    A good team player focuses on achieving the goal rather than being bothered about his importance within the group. Their aim is for the client to be served best and the law firm to benefit as a whole.
  • Valuing Other viewpoints
    Considering all the viewpoints without biased judgment is a valuable attribute. There is a sense of freedom to express and brings the scope of vulnerability within the group. The best ideas come from the least expected contribution.
  • Sense of urgency
    A keen sense of urgency creates an environment of speed in action. A sense of urgency brings a lot of energy and better outcomes. It inspires everyone in the team to contribute with a passion to accomplish the goal quickly and efficiently.
  • Respectful of others
    A team player encourages others and brings inclusiveness among the group. They do not compete with each other but are helpful to each other. They treat everyone with respect.
  • Positive mindset
    A positive mindset creates the scope of breakthroughs. The team does not give up till the desired outcome has arrived.
  • Mutual Trust
    Building trust begins with being trustworthy. Trust enables every group member to be contributing to the fullest. They know that anything achieved is by being together.

A lawyer can win cases. A good lawyer wins people along the way.